Laurence King Publishing

Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures

Steve McCurry, Bonnie McCurry


Cat Gurus

Mister Peebles


The Illustration Idea Book

Steven Heller, Gail Anderson


Celebrity Love Match

Joanna Henley


The First Time

Matt Everitt


Stick it to the Man



Looking at Art with Alex Katz

Alex Katz, Amanda Renshaw


I Saw It First! Jungle

Caroline Selmes


A Book of Bears

Katie Viggers



Katerina Pantelides


How to Build a Shed

Sally Coulthard, Lee John Philips


How to Raise a Plant

Morgan Doane, Erin Harding


Photographers on Photography

Henry Carroll


The Writer’s Game

Carla Fuentes, Alex Johnson



Hilary Alexander


The Book of the Horse

Angus Hyland, Caroline Roberts


Hassan Fathy

Viola Bertini, Salma Samar Damluji


Alright Darling?

Greg Bailey, Daniela Henriquez


Terrific Timelines: Fashion

Richard Ferguson, Isabel Thomas