Lumberjanes: The Moon Is Up (Lumberjanes #2)

Mariko Tamaki, BOOM! Studios, Brooklyn Allen


The Red Zone: An Earthquake Story

Silvia Vecchini, Sualzo


The Squatchicorns (Big Foot and Little Foot #3)

Ellen Potter, Felicita Sala


World of IT

Alyse Wax, Andy Muschietti


Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files

Zack Handlen, Todd VanDerWerff, Chris Carter


Mama’s Work Shoes

Caron Levis, Vanessa Brantley-Newton


NFL 100: A Century of Pro Football

National Football League, Rob Fleder, Roy Blount


Look!: Babies Head to Toe

Robie H. Harris, Anoosha Syed


Banana Pants! (Miranda and Maude #2)

Emma Wunsch, Jessika von Innerebner


The Good Demon

Jimmy Cajoleas