Food & Drink

Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Editors of High Times Magazine



Martha Holmberg, James Baigrie


Whole Beast Butchery

Ryan Farr


Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking

Matthew Septimus, French Culinary Institute


Big Vegan

Robin Asbell, Kate Sears


Miette Bakery Cookbook

Leslie Jonath, Frankie Franken, Meg Ray


Eat Like a Man

Tom Colicchio, David Granger, Ryan D'Agostino


Tartine Bread

Chad Robertson, Elizabeth Prueitt, Eric Wolfinger


Cake Pops

Angie Dudley, Bakerella


Whoopie Pies

Sarah Billingsley, Amy Treadwell, Antonis Achilleos


I Love Macarons

Hisako Ogita


Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts

Judith Choate, The French Culinary Institute



Elisabeth M. Prueitt, Chad Robertson, France Ruffenach


Bacon Bible

Peter Sherman, Stephanie Banyas