Food & Drink

Eat Plants, Be Happy!

Caroline Griffiths, Vicki Valsamis



Angèle Ferreux-Maeght


28 Days Vegan

Lisa Butterworth, Amelia Wasiliev


The 5 Minute, 5 Ingredient Lunchbox

Alexander Hart


The 5 Minute Vegan Lunchbox

Alexander Hart


The French Chef Handbook

Michel Maincent-Morel


Big Macs & Burgundy

Vanessa Price, Adam Laukhuf


Hot Cheese

Polina Chesnakova, Paul Sirisalee


Xi’an Famous Foods

Jason Wang, Jessica Chou, Jenny Huang


Vegan Christmas

Audrey Fitzjohn


Pantry to Plate

Emily Stephenson


High Tea

Diana Isaiou


Comida Mexicana

Rosa Cienfuegos


The Barbuto Cookbook

Jonathan Waxman


Very Merry Cocktails

Jessica Strand, Ren Fuller


Pie for Everyone

Petra Paredez


Let’s Fix Lunch!

Kat Nouri


Big Love Cooking

Joey Campanaro, Theresa Gambacorta, Con Poulos