Food & Drink

Every Day is Saturday

Sarah Copeland, Gentl & Hyers


Street Food: Vietnam

Michael Nguyen


Genuine Pizza

Michael Schwartz


All the Restaurants in New York

John Donohue


Smoke, Roots, Mountain, Harvest

Lauren McDuffie


The I’m-So-Hungover Cookbook

Jack Campbell, Tom Jay



Stacy Adimando, Linda Pugliese


Bangkok Local

Sarin Rojanametin, Jean Thamthanakorn


The Bacon Bible

Peter Sherman, Stephanie Banyas



Abra Berens, Lucy Engelman


Food: Eating Tomorrow

Catherine Flood, May Rosenthal


Floral Libations

Cassie Winslow, Doan Ly


Pescan: A Feel Good Cookbook

Abbie Cornish, Jacqueline King Schiller


Stoned Beyond Belief

Action Bronson, Rachel Wharton


Cali’Flour Kitchen

Amy Lacey