Face Paint: The Story of Makeup

Lisa Eldridge


Brooklyn Street Style: The No-Rules Guide to Fashion

Anya Sacharow, Shawn Dahl, Sioux Nesi


London Couture: British Luxury 1923 – 1975

Edwina Ehrman, Amy de la Haye


History of Modern Fashion

Daniel James Cole, Nancy Deihl


Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps for Retro Hair with a Modern Twist

Emma Sundh, Sarah Wing, Martina Ankarfyr


Vivienne Westwood



Couture Wedding Gowns

Marie Bariller


Fashion Visionaries

Linda Watson, David DeVorkin


London Society Fashion 1905-1925: The Wardrobe of Heather Firbank

Jenny Lister, Cassie Strodder-Davis, Lou Taylor


Icons of Women’s Style

Josh Sims


Sewing for Fashion Designers

Anette Fischer


Alexander McQueen

Claire Wilcox


Paris Street Style: Shoes

Isabelle Thomas, Frédérique Veysset