Rebecca Proctor, Keith Haring


Amy Butler Decoupage

David Butler, Amy Butler


Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns

Natalie Chanin


Knit Wear Love

Amy Herzog, Alice Scott


Drawing Is Magic

John Hendrix, Alice Scott


Make a Statement

Katie Covington, Janet Crowther


Materially Crafted

Victoria Hudgins


Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads

Cirilia Rose


Knit It!

Melissa Leapman


Handcrafted Christmas

Susan Waggoner



Merrilee Liddiard


Gertie Sews Vintage Casual

Gretchen Hirsch


Fun With Washi! pb

Jessica Okui


Famous Frocks: The Little Black Dress

Dolin Bliss O'Shea


Vintage Knit

Marine Malak, Geraldine Warner


Stitch Encyclopedia: Crochet

Bunka Gakuen