Art & Design

V&A Pattern: Indian Florals

Rosemary Crill


Graphic Design Theory

Helen Armstrong


Working with Clay, 3rd edition

Jan Peterson, Susan Peterson



Gary Shove


The Story of the Supremes

Daryl Easlea


China Design Now

Zhang Hongxing, Lauren Parker


The Bible, Genesis, Exodus

Marc Chagall


Images of the Ottoman Empire

Charles Newton


The Surreal Body

Ghislane Wood



Christopher Wilk


Looking at Glass

Catherine Hess, Karol Wight


V&a: Electric Dreams

David Redhead


You Are Here

Katharine Harmon


Cuba Style

Princeton Architectural Press, Stephen Heller, Vicki Gold Levi


Va: Pb

Jane Pavitt


Chihuly Volume 1

Donald B. Kuspit


V & A: European Ceramics Pb

Robin Hildyard