Architecture & Interiors

The Dakota

Andrew Alpern


Parish-Hadley Tree of Life

Brian McCarthy, Bunny Williams



Frank Jacobus


Minka My Farmhouse in Japan

John Roderick


Outstanding American Gardens: A Celebration

Page Dickey, Marion Brenner


Sage Living

Anne Sage, Emily Johnston


Mrs. Howard, Room by Room

Phoebe Howard, Ari Berk


Public Natures

Marion Weiss, Michael A Manfredi


Studio Craft & Technique for Architects

Miriam Delaney, Anne Gorman


Brodsky & Utkin

Lisa Nola


Architecture Visionaries

Richard Weston, Patricia Mumau


What is Architecture?

Rasmus Waern, Patricia Mumau


Detail in Contemporary Timber Architecture (paperback)

Virginia McLeod, Amy June Bates


Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

Stephanie Travis, Holly Clifton-Brown


Duke University Campus Guide

Ken Friedlein, John Pearce, Alexandra Lange


Henry Howard

Julie Birmant, Clément Oubrerie



Albert Pope