Illustrated Secret History of the World

Mark Booth

Since its first publication in 2008, The Secret History of the World has sold over 250,000 copies and established itself as the authoritative text on the subject of esoteric belief systems and secret societies. Now, with The Illustrated Secret History of the World, this landmark book achieves a new level of authority, adding to its thorough and revealing text more than 350 illustrations—many of them rare—of the symbols, drawings, engravings, paintings, and photographs that are a key part of the world’s secret history. This richly illustrated edition features exclusive new material to accompany the original text in a beautiful package and oversized format. The Illustrated Secret History of the World presents a radical re-interpretation of human existence and a view of the world previously hidden from us.

Alchemists & Freemasons
The Illuminati
The Garden of Eden
The Knights Templar
The Looking Glass Universe
The Gods Who Loved Women
The Green King
The Prophets
The Sphinx & the Timelock
The Neolithic Alexander
The Rise of the Magi Lucifer
Gnostics & Shamans
Mohammed and Gabriel
Francis Bacon and the Green One
The Rosicrucian Age
The Seven Seals & The New Jerusalem
And much more . . .

Price £35.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 6 September 2019
Pages 432
Height 241mm
Width 203mm
Rights Europe, Africa, Middle East
ISBN-13 9781468315660