Holey Bible

Paulina Larocca, Tony Ibbotson

Humour and the ability to reframe thinking through a disarming juxtaposition is one of the greatest weapons of humankind. Given that even a simple joke can utilise language skills, theory-of-mind, symbolism, abstract thinking and social perception shows that humour is one of our most complex cognitive attributes. It is also surprising and reflexive; laughter truly is the best medicine. Holey Bible opens up people’s perceptions to help them re-evaluate what they believe through humour and disruptive visuals. It’s a guide to thinking differently and can give you positive insights on how to deal with issues like racism, sexism, division and other important topics.

Creator Bio

Paulina Larocca is a published BIS author of Creativity+ and Connecting. She is a teacher of creative problem solving and has a Master of Science in Creativity.
Tony Ibbotson is co-author of Connecting. He is the founder of The Creative Method design agency established in 2005 and is now recognised as one of Sydney’s best design agencies.

Price £17.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 18 May 2020
Pages 160
Height 190mm
Width 190mm
Rights Europe (excluding Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
ISBN-13 9789063695668