My Photography Game

Rosa Pons-Cerdà, Lenno Verhoog

Learn the basics of photography while playing one of three game options and get inspired to take your own photograph. Lay out all images face up, pick a subject card from the pink deck and collect four image cards depicting that subject. Or play this game reversed, by matching the image one-by-one with the correct symbol. For a more advanced option, play memory with the symbols faced up and find pairs with overlapping subjects. Finally, inspire yourself looking at a pair, a trio or a quartet of cards and take a photograph with a smartphone that represents the same theme. Upload it on the My Photography Game website and share it with your friends!

Creator Bio

Rosa is an interdisciplinary writer, media and games content designer.

Lenno Verhoog is a researcher in Creative Practices. He is also a course leader of Image and Media Technology at HKU-Media.

Price £13.99
Format Cards
Publication Date 10 February 2020
Pages 52
Height 125mm
Width 85mm
Illustrations Boxed set; 52 cards
ISBN-13 9789063695521
Age Range 5+