Football Baby Names

Boudewijn Bosman, Tim Nikken

Future parents have many choices to make. Which colour should we paint the room? Do we give birth at home or in the hospital? And, most importantly: what will be the name of the baby? Evidently, you would like to pick a name that gives the child a headstart, that might even raise expectations and ultimately, a name that suits the successful and fabulous human being it will evolve into.

In bygone days, children were named after Biblical or heroic figures. But where do you find modern-day heroes? On the football field, of course! Names like Jari, Lionel, Cristiano or Johan – they immediately evoke an emotion or an image. With these football names your baby is ahead of the game.

Creator Bio

Boudewijn Bosman works as an art director in Advertising. Tim Nikken is a writer, literary agent and works as a consultant for SThree PLC. They have known each other for a long time, and when Boudewijn was expecting a baby, Tim couldn’t find an appropriate gift. That was when Football Baby Names was born.

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Publication Date 13 May 2019
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