Products That Flow: Circular Business Models and Design Strategies for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Siem Haffmans, Marjolein Van Gelder, Ed van Hinte

A large part of our current linear economy consists of fast-moving consumer goods. After a short usage period the product becomes waste, which ends up in a waste treatment plant for recycling or incineration or, unfortunately, leaks into the environment on landfills or as plastic soup.
Should we stop consuming these products? Can we live without packaging, consumables and fashion? We could do without them, but sometimes we do need packaging to protect a product and to prevent food waste.
In order to stop producing more waste we need to rethink our approach to those consumables. We need a more circular approach, starting at the beginning of production and consumption: the design. Through circular business models and design strategies Products that Flow demonstrates how end-of-life products can become a resource for new ones instead of becoming waste. The book describes circular business models and design strategies to inspire designers, marketeers and business developers.

Creator Bio

Siem Haffmans has over 25 years of experience as a sustainable designer and is a strategic consultant on sustainable innovation and the circular economy. Marjolein van Gelder is a strategic consultant at Partners for Innovation, working on the circular economy and the CIRCO project. Ed van Hinte started the design research facility DRS22 in The Hague. DRS22 performs design research on public space, communication and lightweight structures.

Price £29.99
Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 11 October 2018
Pages 128
Height 255mm
Width 200mm
Illustrations colour illustrations throughout
ISBN-13 9789063694982