I Am Milan

Carlo Stanga

I AM THE CITY Cities have always been important protagonists in our history, but now, more than ever, they are taking the leading role in our developing culture. The intensified urbanization and increasing importance of cities like London, Paris, New York and Mexico, which are becoming through their assets and appeal more prominent than the nations they belong to, is evident to us all. In this series, the most prominent cities in the world are given a chance to reassert their unique personalities and show us their individuality via a pictorial tour and compelling anecdotes. They can show off their exceptional monuments, both historical and contemporary, their particular ambience and flavour, their visual and cultural singularity – the things that mark them out in the face of the encroaching tide of homogeneity. The series brings not only revelation and discovery to new visitors, but also rediscovery and renewed enthusiasm to the cities’ inhabitants, too easily blinded by their frenetic lifestyles to the extraordinary monuments, visual panoramas and street life they live amongst. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, city!”

Price £19.00
Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 4 May 2015
Pages 112
Height 253mm
Width 213mm
Rights Europe, Africa
ISBN-13 9788867327591