Who Lives Where?

Stephanie Babin, Kiko

Sliding panels of animals near and far make for a delightful and satisfying format for matching game fun! Each of the 36 panels features a different animal from various habitats: garden, farm, savanna, and even in the ocean. Young children will be challenged to match the animals to where they rest or live with their families. Where do cows sleep at night? Where do meerkats make their homes? Where do clownfish live? Young children slide the panels to reveal the answers! The big scene in every spread offers clues to the right responses . . . and provides bite-size information about each critter. Ideal for travel or take-along!

Creator Bio

St├ęphanie Babin is an author of books for young children, particularly nonfiction and interactive titles. She lives in Paris, France.

Price £9.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 1 March 2019
Pages 14
Height 229mm
Width 210mm
Rights Europe (excluding France), Africa
ISBN-13 9782408007966
Age Range 3 - 5