Jesus Now

Laetitia Barbier

A fascinating panorama of the faces of Jesus today

Jesus Now presents, for the first time, a showcase of the figure of Christ in contemporary art, graphic design, advertising, and pop culture. Featuring the work of more than 80 artists from around the world, including Cindy Sherman, David LaChapelle, Kehinde Wiley, Pierre et Gilles, Nina Chanel, Mark Ryden, and Alex Grey, Jesus Now! shows how the Christ figure continues to inspire the artists of today. In trendy galleries, on the walls of major cities, as a superhero or manga character, in Hollywood blockbusters or in satirical TV cartoons, Jesus is not only a guide for believers but also has become, as this book reveals, an icon of modern pop culture. This art anthology also showcases how today’s artists have developed new iconographies that break with the image of the White Messiah to favor depicting Jesus in a more historically accurate way or in ways more reflective of themselves: Black Jesus, Maori Jesus, Native American Jesus.

Creator Bio

Born in France, Laetitia Barbier is an independent scholar and art historian who resides in Brooklyn. Cofounder of Morbid Anatomy, she has contributed to many books, including Death: A Graveside Companion.

Price £25.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 18 March 2021
Pages 288
Height 249mm
Width 173mm
ISBN-13 9782374950068