Keanu Forever

Billie Oliver, Stephanie Spartels

Never has a film star had so many renaissances as Keanu Reeves, well, at least not while still looking so good for their age. As this book illustrates, through photocollage and illustration, Keanu is beloved for his steely roles in high octane classics, like Point Break, Speed, and The Matrix. There are… less… beloved projects, but we won’t be discussing 47 Ronin here. And now that the John Wick franchise has brought Keanu back into the spotlight, any cinematic flops in which he starred may now be considered as experimental performance art.
So, sure we all know and love KR for his most iconic roles. But did you know that he was born in Beirut? Or that Keanu was on track for a career as a professional hockey player, that was derailed by an injury? Or that the “sad Keanu” meme was actually just a picture of the actor enjoying a sandwich alone, and he was not, at the time, in fact, sad? Well, this book is packed with these tidbits and plenty more Keanu Reeves trivia.

Creator Bio

Billie Oliver is a film critic and freelance journalist, based in Melbourne, Australia. She’s a bona fide pop-culture junkie, and what you might call a Keanu Reeves “stan”. In a similarly stan-esque style, Billie previously authored Chalamania, which was also published by Smith Street Books.

Price £9.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 15 April 2021
Pages 108
Height 185mm
Width 160mm
Illustrations 50 colour photographs
ISBN-13 9781925811827