5-Minute Salad Lunchbox: Happy, healthy and speedy salads to make in minutes

Alexander Hart

These 52 recipes are a comprehensive range of diverse salads, including vegan salads, grain salads, Zoodle and seafood salads. Expect myriad flavours from across the globe. Imagine a Vietnamese-style chicken coleslaw, Mexican-spiced quinoa salad or a Japanese(ish) combination of edamame and chickpeas with avocado-lime dressing. Do you know what Korean-style Bibimbap is? The 5-Minute Salad Lunchbox explains, alongside its foolproof recipe.

Sometimes preparing your food for the impending can feel impossible. You opt for the easy way out: buying lunch. Often this is less healthy, and always more expensive, than bringing your own to work. On the other hand, maybe you’re just in desperate need of inspiration after making the same pitiable sandwich day after day (month after month… year after year). This book makes food prepping an exciting and nutritious lunch a total breeze.

Lunch breaks should always be something to look forward to. A restorative breath – away from a working world of email chains, customer service nightmares or manual labor. Your mornings will be drastically improved by the comfort of knowing that your 5-minute salad awaits you. With the protein gained from any of these 52 salads, you can safely forgo that second afternoon coffee: this is all the energy your workday is ever going to need.

Creator Bio

Alexander Hart is a cook, food writer and long-time health food advocate based in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Alexander has previously authored Jar Salads, another title on simple healthy meals, which was published by Smith Street Books in 2016.

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Publication Date 5 February 2019
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