Little Korea: Iconic dishes & cult recipes

Billy Law

Little Korea takes you to the heart of Korean cooking – from grandma’s comfort food to the iconic street eats and cult recipes gathering fans from Seoul to London and New York.

For many, kimchi – that revered dish of spicy fermented cabbage – is a first, unforgettable taste of Korean cuisine. But kimchi is just a glimpse of the bigger picture.

The food of Korea is also rightfully renowned for its barbecue dishes like smoky beef bulgogi, not to mention the ‘other’ KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – a dish so good it leaves an indelible impact on anyone who tries it. And, of course, there are peerless rice dishes such as kimchi fried rice and bibimbap, deliriously spicy noodles, crunchy spring onion pancakes, vegetable and fish fritters, and an array of incredible banchan – vegetable-based side dishes that accompany most meals. Little Korea has all this and everything else you need to get truly hooked on Seoul food.

Creator Bio

Billy Law is a former MasterChef Australia contestant, an influential food blogger (hitting the keyboard at A Table for Two), two-time book author (Have You Eaten? and Man Food), photographer, travel writer, food stylist and all-round good guy.

Price £25.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 1 March 2018
Pages 224
Height 240mm
Width 195mm
Illustrations 80 colour photographs
ISBN-13 9781925418163