Truth Bombs. Stick it to the Man

Nick McFarlane

An explosive collection of over 200 full colour die-cut stickers created to make a statement “A truth bomb”, according to the Urban Dictionary “is a fact or piece of knowledge that, when told to a listener, is devastating to the listener’s argument or world view.” Well in this case, The Man should prepare to be hit right between the eyeballs and mind blown apart by a global underground coalition of artists, illustrators, pop-culture pirates, graphic agitators and agent provocateurs, protesting the wicked ways of the world. How you spin each sticker gives it the magical personal touch. Let us commodify your dissent and we guarantee that your resistance will be spectacular.

Creator Bio

Nick draws upon 20 years of experience in advertising, art and design to tell subversive stories and agitate with iconic imagery. Whether as the author and illustrator behind Spinfluence: The Hardcore Propaganda Manual for Controlling the Masses or producing the cover art for The Prodigy’s most recent chart-topping album, The Day is My Enemy. Nick thrives at the collision point of pop-culture and social-insanity, creating work which is both abrasive and insightful.

Price £16.95
Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 28 June 2019
Pages 68
Height 185mm
Width 185mm
Rights World ex North America
ISBN-13 9781908211743