Skins: A Way of Life

Patrick Potter

1969 is happening again… Number two all over. Ben Sherman shirt. Braces. Doc Martens. Harrington jacket. Trojan records. Ska music. Tattoos. Pints. Pubs. Football. Respect. Working class pride. The true skins have never gone away.

Skinhead is the only British style tribe that still genuinely scares people. From the dancehalls to the football terraces, from the local pub to the tower blocks working class teens in the late 1960’s found their own form of rebellion. It didn’t come from Soho. You couldn’t buy it on Carnaby Street. They looked the long–haired revolution in the eye and realised that it held nothing for them. Skins: a way of life is a beautiful hardcover collection of photographs of skinhead culture from the late 1960’s throughout the 1980’s. Many of these images have never been published before. Presented with a series of articles, commentary and quotations designed to celebrate the essence of the skinhead cult, without glossing over the darker side of the story. Live the spirit of ‘69.


“From the football terraces to the tower blocks – fascinating new pictures capture the defiant spirit of young skinheads from the 1960s to the 1980s” The Sun

Price £16.95
Format Hardback
Publication Date 26 October 2018
Pages 192
Height 220mm
Width 165mm
ISBN-13 9781908211668