The Lives of the Objects

Tristram Hunt

In this intriguing insight into the work and history of a museum, V&A director and historian Dr Tristram Hunt brings together ten renowned V&A curators to tell the stories behind ten of their most treasured objects. ‘Tipu’s Tiger’ (an almost life-size wooden semi-automaton mauling a European soldier), the ‘Great Bed of Ware’ (an Elizabethan bed for 8 people) and a Shakespeare First Folio are among the featured highlights whose route to the V&A collections are entertainingly revealed.

Through these stories, this insightful history of museum curation – a world of careful study and sometimes remarkable fortuity – shows how the priorities of a museum are shaped and change over time.

Published to explore in more depth some of the stories featured in the BBC six part series Secrets of the Museum

Creator Bio

Tristram Hunt is the author of several books on British history, and the Director of the V&A.

Price £30.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 31 December 2019
Pages 256
Height 225mm
Width 185mm
ISBN-13 9781851779727