Cute Animals for Hard Times

Chronicle Books

Cute Animals for Hard Times offers an adorable oasis, the tried-and-true cure for a sad day—ridiculously cute animals.

In a world full of political meltdown, social media fatigue, and the constant mental health struggle, it’s hard to find solace.

Luckily, these adorable animals are guaranteed to get anyone out of a bad mood.

•⊂ The perfect palate cleanser for a bad day
•⊂ Over 75 full-color photographs
•⊂ Cute, calming photos help fight the bad news blues.

What else could possibly be cuter than some floofs and boops?

Cute Animals for Hard Times is your ticket to a better day.

•⊂ Great gift for friends and family, whether for the holidays or anytime
•⊂ The perfect read to cheer up anyone bogged down by the news
•⊂ Keep it readily accessible on the coffee table for whenever the mood strikes
•⊂ Add it to the shelf with books like Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom by Jennifer S. Holland, Tomorrow : Adventures in an Uncertain World by Bradley Trevor Greive, and A Teaspoon of Courage: A Little Book of Encouragement for Whenever You Need It by Bradley Trevor Greive.

Price £9.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 15 September 2020
Pages 80
Height 152mm
Width 152mm
Illustrations full-colour photographs throughout
Rights World
ISBN-13 9781797203317