2021 Daily Cal: Daily Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

Steve Mockus, Captain Francis Grose

Calling all potty-mouthed wordplay lovers and history buffs! This daily calendar features hundreds of humorous terms from 18th-century London for a year’s worth of colorful conversations.

Based on the Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,
first published in 1785 and one of the earliest collections of English
slang, this funny and useful calendar presents a year’s worth of slang
terms from Georgian-era London’s urban dockyards, slums, and taverns.
Employ them to entertaining effect in your modern conversations!

• Fans of Shakespeare Insult Generator or Creative Cursing will love this new collection of slang, insults, and swear words.
• 6 x 5⅛ x 1⅛ inches, 314 pages (one page a day for weekdays, Saturdays/Sundays on one page)

Creator Bio

Captain Francis Grose (1731–1791) was an English lexicographer with a special interest in documenting the language as it was actually spoken out in the streets, taverns, and markets.

Price £12.99
Format Calendar
Publication Date 21 July 2020
Height 130mm
Width 152mm
Illustrations Daily calendar, box with flaps, 20 1-colour spot illustrations
ISBN-13 9781797201733