The Wine Game

Zeren Wilson, Cassandre Montoriol Alaux

Learn about wines from all over the world in this deluxe happy families game. With two decks of cards – one for red wines, one for whites – covering all the major wine-producing regions and some unexpected gems, this is the perfect way to dip in to the world of wine. Includes a booklet with brief descriptions of each region along with some tips on which labels to look out for.

Creator Bio

UK-based French artist Cassandre Montoriol’s traditional ink and crayon drawings are the toast of the fashion publishing world. Her expressive, hand-drawn aesthetic is reminiscent of travel diaries, fashion illustration and textile design. Zeren Wilson has spent 17 years in the wine trade, most recently selling wine to London restaurants, and now consults for restaurant wine lists.

Price £19.99
Format Cards
Publication Date 5 October 2020
Pages 96
Height 233mm
Width 112mm
Rights World
ISBN-13 9781786277329