Faery’s Gift

Tanya Robyn Batt, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Niamh Cosck

In this heartwarming Irish fairy tale, a woodcutter is given a wish as a reward for saving the life of a small faery. The woodcutter faces a dilemma: how can he use the wish in a way that will help all members of his family and change all of their lives for the better?

Creator Bio

Tanya Robyn Batt is a freelance arts educator, using her huge collection of costumes to inspire and entertain audiences. Tanya has also written The Barefoot Book of Faeries and The Princess and the White Bear King for Barefoot Books. She lives on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.
Nicoletta Ceccoli studied at the State Institute of Art in Urbino, Italy. She has won international acclaim for her distinctive style, and has twice won the Italian Andersen Award. Nicoletta has also illustrated The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales, An Island in the Sun and The Princess and the White Bear King for Barefoot Books. She lives in San Marino, Italy.
Niamh Cusack was born in Dublin, Ireland, and began her career as a flautist, but is now known for her work as a stage and screen actress.

Price £7.99
Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 1 September 2020
Pages 32
Height 247mm
Width 255mm
Rights UK, Eastern Europe, Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Nordic countries, Turkey, Middle East, Malta, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh (other special sales accounts in Europe and the Middle East)
ISBN-13 9781782858591
Age Range 3 - 7