World History of Architecture, Third Edition

Michael Fazio, Marian Moffett, Lawrence Wodehouse

Updated with expanded coverage of twenty-first century architecture, this new edition uniquely comprises a detailed survey of Western architecture as well as architecture from the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, India, Russia, China and Japan. Significant revision also includes photographs and textual discussion of around 50 new buildings.

Written in a clear and engaging style, the text encourages readers to examine the pragmatic, innovative and aesthetic attributes of buildings. Artistic, economic, environmental, political, social and technological contexts are discussed. The global reach of the text is matched by a rich assortment of photographs from around the world and a greater array of detailed line drawings than in any architectural survey.

The authors have created a formidable body of work that ranges over much of the world’s architectural heritage and testifies to some of the greatest achievements of the human spirit.

Creator Bio

Michael Fazio is Emeritus Professor of Architecture at Mississippi State University. His most recent book is titled The Domestic Architecture of Benjamin Henry Latrobe (2006).

The late Marian Moffett taught architectural history at the University of Tennessee and was co-author of A History of Western Architecture (1989) with Lawrence Wodehouse.

Lawrence Wodehouse, also deceased, taught architectural history at the University of Dundee and various American universities. His many books included British Architects 1840 to 1976 (1978) and White of McKim, Mead, and White (1988).

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Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 4 February 2013
Pages 624
Height 292mm
Width 220mm
Illustrations 369 colour images and 227 black and white
ISBN-13 9781780671116