Knock Knock Compendium of Lines for All Occasions: Insults, Excuses, Rejections, Mind Games, Put-Downs, Cop-Outs

Knock Knock

Based on our bestselling series, we’ve packed all the insults, excuses, rejections, mind games, put-downs, and cop-outs you’ll ever need into one chunky and handsome volume! Whether you have to break up with a partner, zing a pal, or gaslight a rival, there will be a line (or lines!) in this book.

  • Handy dictionary tabs separate the sections, so you can quickly and easily locate a quip for any encounter
  • Packed with good comebacks and funny one-liners to win the war of words
  • Stock up on quirky gifts for wisecrackers, wordsmiths, and wits
  • Hardcover; 4.25 x 5.25 inches, 336 pages

Price £11.95
Format Hardback
Publication Date 6 August 2018
Pages 336
Height 6.75in
Width 4.25in
ISBN-13 9781683490920