Ginger and Chrysanthemum

Kristen Mai Giang, Shirely Chan

No doubt you can be close to someone who’s very different from you. Ginger is excitable; she leaps into action, throwing herself headfirst into any project. Chrysanthemum is cooler-headed; she likes to plan, she’s organized. She makes lists. Yet they are cousins, close as two beans in a pod.

But planning Grandma’s birthday together is a pretty huge challenge. There are presents to buy, decorations to pick, and a special birthday cake to bake. Together. How they manage it is a testament to affection being stronger than differences.

Creator Bio

Kristen Mai Giang is a Chinese American author who immigrated from Vietnam when she was 18 months old and grew up in San Gabriel, California, a melting pot of Asian cultures and cuisines, which inspired Grandma’s New Asian Kitchen. Ginger and Chrysanthemum, her debut picture book, draws from these memories as well as the antics of her two children and their cousins.

Shirley Chan is secretly an alien from outer space, though she claims to be an illustrator in Brooklyn. Her favorite pastimes are eating snacks and taking naps. Ginger and Chrysanthemum is her debut.

Price £12.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 13 October 2020
Pages 40
Height 279mm
Width 216mm
ISBN-13 9781646140015
Age Range 4 - 7