Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Throwing Beautiful, Functional Pots

Simon Leach, Bruce Dehnert, Jared Flood

Lively, informative and full of original tips and techniques Simon’s YouTube videos have lit the ceramics world on fire, becoming a must-see supplement to most potters’ educations. But therein lies the hitch; most potters don’t want to take a laptop into a ceramics studio. This is where Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook comes in, encapsulating all of Simon’s basic techniques in one easy to carry book, from studio design and set up, to basic throwing techniques, adding appendages, trimming, glazing and firing. Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook is perfectly suited for the studio, as it is portable and the concealed wire-o binding will help the book lay flat and stand up. For each technique, detailed step by step photography captures the subtle, intricate movements that typically fly by too fast to be noticed in a video. Plus the book includes a DVD with many of Simon’s YouTube videos; callouts throughout the book tell readers which video goes with each section. Gorgeous photos throughout the book show pots in various stages of production and finished results; something that is currently missing from the YouTube videos, so that an aspiring potter can see how the work will look once it has been fired.

Creator Bio

Simon Leach is an internationally recognised ceramicist, descending from a family that has lead in the ceramics field since the early 20th century. Simon’s grandfather, Bernard Leach is famous for introducing the Western world to Eastern studio philosophies. His father, David, is known for expanding ceramics education in England and Europe. Simon has gained celebrity status in his field, most notably for his YouTube videos covering basic ceramics techniques. In addition to the popular videos, he teaches a dozen workshops throughout America and has just started teaching a live webcam series. Visit his website at Bruce Dehnert is a ceramics teacher, writer and exhibiting artist who is currently the head of ceramics at Peters Valley Craft Center in New Jersey.

Price £25.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 7 May 2013
Pages 240
Height 246mm
Width 249mm
Illustrations Colour illustrations
ISBN-13 9781617690228