Powerhouse: The Life and Work of Architect Judith Chafee

Christopher Domin, Kathryn McGuire, William J.R. Curtis

Powerhouse is the first book on the singular life and career of American architect Judith Chafee (1932-1998). Chafee was an unrepentant modernist on the forefront of sustainable design. Her architecture shows great sensitivity to place, especially the desert landscapes of Arizona. Chafee was also a social justice advocate and a highly respected woman in a male-dominated profession. After graduating from the Yale University Architecture School, where her advisor was Paul Rudolph, she went on to work in the offices of legends including Rudolph, Walter Gropius, Eero Saarinen, and Edward Larrabee Barnes. In addition to her architectural legacy, her decades of teaching helped shape a generation of architects. Chafeeā€™s drawings and archival images of her work are complemented by stunning photography by Ezra Stoller and Bill Timmerman.

Creator Bio

Christopher Domin is an architect and professor at the University of Arizona. He is co-author of Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses and a contributor to Victor Lundy: Artist Architect.
Kathryn McGuire is an architect in Tucson, Arizona. She knew Judith Chafee for over twenty years as student, employee, and friend.
William J.R. Curtis is a historian, critic, artist, and photographer. He is author of Modern Architecture Since 1900 and Le Corbusier: Ideas and Forms, among many others.

Price £35.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 8 October 2019
Pages 272
Height 254mm
Width 216mm
ISBN-13 9781616897178