Time for Bed, Miyuki

Roxane Marie Galliez, Seng Soun Ratanavanh

Like children everywhere, Miyuki’s imagination peaks at bedtime, when she remembers all the things she has to do before she can possibly go to bed: she needs to water the vegetables, gather snails, and prepare for the arrival of the Dragonfly Queen. Her patient grandfather follows along on her adventures, gently encouraging her to go to sleep. In this beautiful story about family, nature, and love, young children and their parents find a welcome companion for their own bedtime journey.

Creator Bio

Roxane Marie Galliez is a prize-winning writer, poet, and children’s book author. She has a doctorate in the history of ancient civilizations and traveled the Pacific Islands for several years as a researcher and journalist. She lives near Saint-Etienne, France.

A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Paris, Seng Soun Ratanavanh is an illustrator and painter based near Paris, France.


“Truly one of the most beautiful children’s books in recent years, every page of Time for Bed, Miyuki is an exquisite treat for the eyes; children and adults will marvel at its illustration, which is intricate yet warm and lovely at the same time.” BookTrust

“Beautiful, magical. Just stunning.  There isn’t much else I can think of to say. The art is just so enthralling. Colourful and stunning. You’re transported into this magical place of wonder. Each page pulls you further into this world as Miyuki delays her bedtime with tasks that are essential prior tosleep. Tasks her grandfather helps her with.” Luna’s Little Library blog

“Ratanavanh’s fine art is just beautiful, with an wonderfully eclectic mixture of hues and patterns adorning each page, she captures the infinite possibilities of Miyuki’s imagination. I loved the image of Miyuki and her Grandfather leading the snails home, which had fabulous touches of humour. With gentle humour and a gentle, poetic tone Time for Bed, Miyuki is an adorable bedtime book.” My Book Corner

“Miyuki’s has too many things to do before bedtime but with gentle encouragement from her grandfather and a bedtime story will she finally go to sleep? The evocative and fanciful illustrations lead you into Miyuki’s dream-like world reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Children will be enchanted by looking at the abundance of nature, animals, fish and birds. The poetical text centres around the bond between child and grandparent. A beautiful gift to treasure” South Wales Evening Post


Price £12.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 18 September 2018
Pages 32
Height 296mm
Width 216mm
Rights Europe, Africa
ISBN-13 9781616897055
Age Range 5 - 8