Redstone Diary 2019

Julian Rothenstein, Gooding Mel

For those fortunate enough, home evokes a sense of solace, belonging, and warmth. For others, home is a place of confinement, unpredictability, or even fear.
Many cling to routines that revolve around their physical dwellings. They create private lives at home that sustain their public beings. Attitudes toward home are constantly in flux, and rarely ambivalent. Routine is arguably a facet of home-building, and daily reflection with Redstone’s Home diary provides just that. Artists and writers at home include Ed Ruscha, Paul Cézanne, Marjolaine Ryley, Carl Sandburg,Tiffany Watt Smith, and Steve Martin.

Creator Bio

Julian Rothenstein is the publisher of Redstone Press, an editor, and a designer. He lives in London, England.

Price £22.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 24 July 2018
Pages 160
Height 203mm
Width 152mm
Rights Europe (excluding UK), Africa
ISBN-13 9781616897031