50 Years of Recuperation of Situa

McKenzie Wark

The Situationist International was a small group of international political and artistic agitators with roots in Marxism and Lenninism. They played a central role in the theory underlying the 1968 European uprisings. They managed to use public money to publish Mustapha Khayati’s pamphlet On the Poverty of Student Life and distributed thousands of copies, making the Situationists well known throughout the non-Stalinist left. They were among the occupiers of the Sorbonne and defended barricades in the riots. A part of the FORuM Project Publication series published in association with the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at Columbia University, 50 Years of Recuperation of the Situationist International is a pointed, original and engaged investigation of what remains vital in the endlessly provocative legacy of the Situationist International (SI) 1957-1972, one of the most important and political avant-garde groups to emerge after World War II; and how this might open the way to new practices in today’s digital culture.

Creator Bio

McKenzie Wark teaches at the New School for Social Research. In 2004 he published A Hacker Manifesto, the first critical theory of intellectual property. This controversial book has since been translated into eight languages. In 2007 he published Gamer Theory, a critique of the co-option of the spirit of play and creativity by what he calls ?gamespace’. This book was widely noted for the innovative collaborative internet version in which the author discussed the book with readers and amended it before its eventual book publication. Both books drew heavily on the work of the avant-garde group the Situationist International (1957-1972), and in 2007 Wark gave the Buell center evening lecture on them, which then became 50 Years of Recuperation: The Situationist International 1957-2007.

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Publication Date 1 November 2012
Pages 80
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