Bunker Archaeology

Paul Virilio

Out of print for almost a decade, we are thrilled to bring back one of our most requested hard-to-find titlesphilosopher and cultural theorist Paul Virilio’s Bunker Archeology . In 1994 we published the first English-language translation of the classic French edition of 1975, which accompanied an exhibition of Virilio’s photographs at the Centre Pompidou. In Bunker Archeology , urbanist Paul Virilio turns his attentionand camerato the ominous yet strangely compelling German bunkers that lie abandoned along the coast of France. These ghostly reminders of destruction and oppression prompted Virilio to consider the nature of war and existence, in relation to both World War II and contemporary times. Virilio discusses fortresses and military space in general as well as the bunkers themselves, including an examination of the role of Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect,in the rise of the Third Reich.

Creator Bio

Paul Virilio is a renowned urbanist, political theorist, and art critic.

Price £28.00
Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 9 January 2009
Pages 216
Height 259mm
Width 161mm
ISBN-13 9781568980157