2021 Daily Cal: F in Exams

Richard Benson

More than 1.5 million copies sold in the series!

Based on the bestselling F in Exams book series, this calendar presents a full year’s worth of stunningly wrong but amazingly funny student test answers, plus all kinds of things everyone should have learned in school but didn’t. Celebrate a year of hilarious test failures—just don’t try to copy the answers!

• Includes the most epic fails from previous books, plus 25% new material.
• You’ll laugh out loud each day as you turn a new page.
• Makes a hilarious gift for teachers, students, and recent grads, or anyone who’s a fan of the F in Exams series.
• 6 x 5⅛ x 1⅛ inches, 314 pages (one page a day for weekdays, Saturdays/Sundays on one page

Creator Bio

Richard Benson is the author of the bestselling books F in Exams, F for Effort, F This Test, F in Exams: Pop Quiz, F in Exams: Complete Failure, and several other humor books. He lives in London.

Price £12.99
Format Calendar
Publication Date 21 July 2020
Pages 628
Height 130mm
Width 152mm
Illustrations daily calendar, box with flap, two-colour illustrations throughout
ISBN-13 9781452184395