Tree of Life

Tim Biskup

This first career-spanning look at Southern California artist Tim Biskup’s prolific aesthetic range begins with his early roots in animation and traces the evolution of his distinct style, which incorporates a complex interplay of color, geometry, and layering, resulting in a gorgeous plethora of abstract, graphic paintings and drawings. Tim Biskup has been referred to as a Baroque Modern master, and his work has been celebrated for its dense, character-driven style inspired by mid-century design infused with a healthy dose of punk rock energy. In addition to the more than 450 pieces of artwork featured here, there is also a 12-page autobiographical account detailing Tim Biskup’s artistic journey, including his significant struggles and considerable triumphs along the way.

Creator Bio

Tim Biskup is a Los Angeles–based artist with early roots in animation whose work spans the genres of painting and sculpture.

Price £25.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 1 October 2019
Pages 240
Height 305mm
Width 229mm
ISBN-13 9781452182087