Common Blessings / Common Curses

Maritsa Patrinos

What will today bring? Modern life is full of everyday blessings and everyday curses, from being home to sign for your package to accidentally hitting Reply All. This witty reversible book is a lighthearted remedy to single-minded happiness guides, with vibrant illustrations that celebrate the sympathetically funny moments that can make or break your day. Read it upright for modern-day blessings such as waking up to good hair days or having enough change for laundry; read it reversed for contemporary curses such as burning your tongue on hot pizza or losing your sneeze. Based on an Ignatz-nominated comic series, Common Blessings/Common Curses offers a playful look at the ups and downs of day-to-day life, marrying mindfulness with a dose of reality.

Creator Bio

Maritsa Patrinos is a Brooklyn-based illustrator known for her relatable, slice-of-life comics. She has worked with BuzzFeed, Marvel, and the New Yorker, among others.

Price £8.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 13 August 2019
Pages 96
Height 152mm
Width 114mm
Rights Europe, Africa
ISBN-13 9781452177960