Oh My God, Stacy!

Greg Schram

What’s your damage?! Find your clique, grab your gear, and prepare for a night of high school drama to the max with this radical card game that pays loving homage to high school movies from the ’80s. A social party game for up to 12 players, Oh My God, Stacy! has jocks, preppies, geeks, skaters, theater kids, and punks work with their clique throughout the school day to prank their fellow classmates, collect and steal gear, forge alliances, and earn cool points. Morning announcements may change the rules of play each turn, so stay chill—and may the coolest kids win!

Creator Bio

Gregory grew up in San Francisco, and has a background as a comic, clown, and (yes really) LARP camp staffer. His mild-mannered alter ego works as an ad copywriter. His co-created strategy card game, Laboratory Mayhem, successfully Kickstarted and hit shelves fall 2017.

Price £16.99
Format Game
Publication Date 9 July 2019
Pages 160
Height 216mm
Width 178mm
Illustrations box with flap and velcro closure, pizza chits, cards
Rights Europe, Africa
ISBN-13 9781452171043