The Planets

Nirmala Nataraj

This magnificent volume offers a rich visual tour of the planets in our solar system. More than 200 breathtaking photographs from the archives of NASA are paired with extended captions detailing the science behind some of our cosmic neighborhood’s most extraordinary phenomena. Images of newly discovered areas of Jupiter, fiery volcanoes on Venus, and many more reveal the astronomical marvels of space in engrossing detail. Anyone with an interest in science, astronomy, and the mysteriesof the universe will delight in this awe-inspiring guide to the wonders of the solar system.

Creator Bio

Nirmala Nataraj is a New York–based writer and editor with a background in science writing-particularly cosmology, ecology, and molecular biology-and a focus on the visual and performing arts. She is the author of Earth + Space.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a science educator, television host, actor, writer, scientist, and former mechanical engineer. He is the CEO of the Planetary Society, an organisation that sponsors and supports space technologies and advocates for space learning and space exploration. Nye is the host of Bill Nye Saves the World, a talk show that will premiere on Netflix in Spring 2017.

NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration), established in 1958, is the U.S. government’s agency of scientific research, technological development, and exploration in space. NASA is responsible for unique scientific and technological achievements in human space flight, aeronautics, and space science that have had widespread impacts on the world.

Price £29.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 7 November 2017
Pages 256
Height 235mm
Width 239mm
Illustrations 200+ photographs
ISBN-13 9781452159362