Stick Man’s Really Bad Day

Steve Mockus

Stick Man is that guy you see around town but don’t really know very well. Everywhere you go, there he is, crossing the street, waiting for the bus, issuing warnings about potential disasters at sea and on land, at the mall and at work. But when he’s not offering advice, what does a day off in the life of Stick Man actually look like? This catastrophe-packed book uses images derived from real signs to follow a continuous narratie as Stick Man navigates the perils of a single, hilariously bad day. Everyone has had that day that just keeps getting worse, but Stick Man’s adventures show readers both what a bad day really looks like and that in the end it’s never as bad as it may seem.

Creator Bio

Steve Mockus is the author of How to Speak Zombie and the Stoner Coffee Table Book.

Price £8.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 1 September 2012
Pages 138
Height 177mm
Width 190mm
Illustrations appx, endsheets will feature real sign photos
Rights Europe, Africa
ISBN-13 9781452111544