The Bucket List: An Agent John Adderley Novel

Peter Mohlin, Peter Nyström

A brilliant new Scandinavian noir series from Sweden introducing Agent John Adderley, already sold in 15 countries

The Bucket List
is the gripping debut novel by writing team Peter Mohlin and Peter
Nyström, launching a stunning new Nordic noir series featuring
Swedish-American FBI Agent John Adderley. Like the best writers of the
genre, such as Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbø, Mohlin & Nyström
combine a strong crime story with a novel of psychological richness and
depth for an irresistible read.
The Bucket List starts when
undercover FBI Agent John Adderley wakes up in a hospital bed in
Baltimore with extensive gunshot wounds. He knows he’s lucky to be
alive. And just a few beds away is the man who 24 hours ago pointed a
gun to his head.
Ten years earlier in Sweden, Emelie, the young
heiress to (an H&M-esque) clothing empire AckWe has gone missing.
When local police find blood and semen in a deserted area, they arrest a
teenage boy. He denies the charges and since the body is never found,
he can’t be prosecuted.
Back to the present, Emelie’s high-profile
cold case file is sent to Agent Adderley, now living in Sweden (where
he’s not lived since he was a boy) in witness protection, hiding until
he can testify against the drug cartel he infiltrated back in the
States. Adderley is determined to solve Emelie’s case, but, at the same
time, he knows that the drug cartel has a price on his head . . .

Creator Bio

Peter Mohlin and Peter Nyström grew up together in a
Swedish small town and created their first crime novel as 10-year-olds.
After working professionally with editorial text and
directing/scriptwriting for stage and film for many years, they decided
to pick up where they left off in middle school and write a crime novel.
They both love crime in all forms and realized their strengths were a
fruitful combination: the journalist’s sharp pen mixed with the
scriptwriter’s sense of dramaturgy and dialogue. The Bucket List, their debut novel, has been sold in 15 countries.

Price £19.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 5 August 2021
Pages 400
Height 229mm
Width 152mm
ISBN-13 9781419752186