We Are Here

Jasmin Hernandez, Swizz Beatz

A collection of 51 artists and influencers of color challenging the status quo in the art world
Confidently curated by Jasmin Hernandez, the dynamic founder of Gallery Gurls, We Are Here is a collection of the most influential talents transforming the contemporary art world. Centering the vital work of people of color and queer and trans people of color, the book features 51 subjects—an inclusive group of artists, gallerists, curators, and art entrepreneurs all based in New York and Los Angeles. Hernandez engages with each artist and influencer’s career and works through intimate interviews that delve into the creative process and unpack how each is actively working to create a more radically inclusive art world. Each profile includes a portrait of the subject as well as striking photography of their art, creative spaces, and materials. A celebration of the compelling creative who are making their mark, We Are Here makes visible the bold and varied work of the Black and Brown visionaries transforming the art world.

Creator Bio

Jasmin Hernandez is the founder and editor in chief of Gallery Gurls. Her writing has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Paper, Bustle, Elle, The Cut, and more.

Price £25.00
Format Hardback
Publication Date 2 February 2021
Pages 256
Height 203mm
Width 203mm
Illustrations 100 four-colour photographs
ISBN-13 9781419747595