Bookish Broads

Lauren Marino, Alexandra Kilburn

A boldly illustrated celebration of literary history’s most revolutionary, talented women writers

Women have written some of our most extraordinary literary works while living in societies and cultures that tried to silence them. These women dared to put pen to paper to express the multifaceted female experience. In Bookish Broads, Lauren Marino celebrates fierce, trailblazing female writers, reworking the literary canon that has long failed to recognize the immense contributions of women. Featuring more than 50 brilliant bookish broads, Marino cleverly illuminates the lives of the greats as well as the literary talents history has wrongfully overlooked. Each intimate portrait delves into one woman’s works and is accompanied by vibrant illustrations depicting each literary legend in her element and time.

Creator Bio

Vanessa Price is a sommelier and columnist with New York magazine as well as the founder and creative director of The Vinum Collective.

Price £14.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 18 March 2021
Pages 192
Height 152mm
Width 152mm
Illustrations 65 colour illustrations
ISBN-13 9781419746239