Wicked Nix

Lena Coakley, Jaime Zollars

A visually stunning middle-grade classic in the making about Nix, the foulest fairy of all
Mischievous woodland fairy Nix is up to no good. His beloved fairy queen has gone away, leaving him with a very important job. He must protect the forest from a most dangerous enemy: humans. When a determined invader trespasses on Nix’s territory, putting his skills to the test, the prideful fairy boasts of all the wicked tricks he’ll use to chase the sorry fellow away. But, the reader soon learns, this sprite is not at all what he seems. This kid-friendly fairy tale explores the timeless bonds of family and the joy of finding home in unexpected places.

Creator Bio

Lena Coakley is the author of Witchlanders and Worlds of Ink and Shadow. She concentrated in creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College and now lives in Toronto, Canada. To learn more, visit the author online at lenacoakley.com. Jaime Zollars is inspired by fairy tales, Flemish painters, and flea market photographs. Among other things, she is an illustrator of children’s books and book covers. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Price £6.99
Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 8 October 2019
Pages 176
Height 194mm
Width 133mm
Illustrations 20 black-and-white illustrations
Rights Europe, Africa, Middle East
ISBN-13 9781419737039
Age Range 8 - 12