Genuine Pizza: Better Pizza at Home

Michael Schwartz

Throughout his acclaimed career, chef Michael Schwartz has been celebrated for his skilled use of quality ingredients, and with his pizzas, this talent is on full display. Genuine Pizza is Schwartz’s vibrantly illustrated guidebook for creating unforgettable pies at home. His cookbook makes the pizza process approachable and fun, giving the reader the tools they need to make better pizza and then run with them. First providing a clear and simple view of the fundamentals—with detailed step-by-step methods for making the best pizza doughs—Schwartz then empowers home cooks to mix and match ingredients, playing with different sauces, cheeses, meats, vegetables, and more, to build pies both classic and innovative. Pizza is just the beginning—it’s a jumping off point to colorful, delicious meals.

Creator Bio

Michael Schwartz is a James Beard Award-winning chef, cookbook author, and co-owner of the Genuine Hospitality Group of restaurants, which includes Michael’s Genuine, Ella’s, and several Harry’s Pizza locations (soon to be rebranded as Genuine Pizza), based in Miami. He is also the face of the South Florida restaurant industry and a nationally recognized celebrity chef. Genuine Pizza is set to open more than 20 locations in the coming years.

Price £21.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 14 May 2019
Pages 240
Height 254mm
Width 203mm
Illustrations 200 colour photographs
Rights Europe, Africa, Middle East
ISBN-13 9781419734397