Stash of One’s Own: Knitters on Loving, Living with, and Letting Go of Yarn

Clara Parkes

A new, addictive-to-read collection of essays and stories celebrating yarn—specifically, the knitter’s reputation for acquiring it in large quantities and storing it away in what’s lovingly referred to as a “stash.” The pieces in this collection span from comical to earnest, lighthearted to deeply philosophical, in a celebration of the how, why, when, and what of stashes each knitter has accumulated over the years. We’ll hear from bestselling authors, designers, yarn-store owners, essayists, sheep farmers, mill owners, and the people behind the world’s largest collective online stash,

Creator Bio

Clara Parkes is the founder and publisher of, a weekly email newsletter and forum that explores the pleasures and subtleties of yarn, described by Folio magazine as “[for knitters] what Cook’s Illustrated is to foodies.”

Price £11.99
Format Paperback / softback
Publication Date 11 September 2018
Pages 192
Height 203mm
Width 140mm
ISBN-13 9781419732904