The Girl with More Than One Heart

Laura Geringer Bass

When Briana’s father dies of a heart attack, she feels a new heart grow inside her body. Through this heart, her father’s voice speaks to her. It guides Briana through her grief as well as her new, not-so-normal life at home.

When her mother’s own grief becomes debilitating, Briana feels like she’s solely responsible for her autistic little brother, Aaron. As she begins to spend much of her time and energy caring for Aaron, she begins to wonder: did his special needs hurt her father’s very fragile heart? The voice of Briana’s ‘new heart’ helps her to navigate the messy uncertainties, as she balances her first feelings of romance, making new friends, and following her dream of writing for the school newspaper. And as Briana finds strength and knowledge in herself, she’s finally able to let go of her new heart and rely solely on her own.

Creator Bio

Laura Geringer Bass was the publisher of Laura Geringer Books, an imprint at HarperCollins, for over twenty years. She is the author of Sign of the Qin and the Myth Men series. She lives in New York City.

Price £12.99
Format Hardback
Publication Date 17 April 2018
Pages 240
Height 210mm
Width 140mm
Rights World
ISBN-13 9781419728822
Age Range 8 - 12