Monsters You Should Know this HALLOWEEN

We like to get in the mood for the October spooky season and Halloween with, you guessed it, books! Monsters You Should Know by Emma SanCartier (Chronicle Books) came out in September and it is the perfect mix or adorable, darkly funny and lightly spooky, introducing some of the world’s most unusual monsters in lush watercolour and a tongue-in-cheek tone. We want to share some of our unexpected favourite, relatable creatures, from this little anthology to get you in the mood.

© Emma SanCartier

Poor Squonk isn’t the prettiest and actually ‘spends most of its time crying and hiding from judgemental gazes’. Us too, Squonk.


© Emma SanCartier

WHAT A WAY TO TRAVEL! BY RAINBOW! And look at that little smile… and it’s flying fish friends… summoned to kill ‘anyone who crosses its path’! Oh.

Adaro is a spirit found in the waters of the Pacific Islands…


‘Light a bonfire in Japan and you may summon this smoke monster’ – though it can appear terrifying at first, ‘it is harmless and just wants to be your friend’. Nyaww, so misunderstood.

© Emma SanCartier

From the funny to the frightening to the deceptive, dive into Monsters You Should Know and you’ll meet creatures including the Japanese dream-eater Baku, the Persian carnivorous unicorn Shadhavar and the Eastern-European Shurale, a literal tickle monster!

Baku, the Japanese dream-eater © Emma SanCartier
The Eastern-European Shurale, a literal tickle monster © Emma SanCartier

Monsters You Should Know by Emma SanCartier is out now!

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