3 Couples on Love That Lasts a Lifetime | ADVANCED LOVE

From the creator of the popular blog Advanced Style, photographer Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Love (ABRAMS Books) collects affectionate portraits of subjects who prove that love is bound by neither the constraints of age or time. The book includes 40 profiles of inspiring couples from around the world, and more than 200 photos. The profiles explore themes of love and companionship through firsthand insight from the subjects; they share their stories of falling in love, what they have learned after decades of partnership, and valuable relationship advice. Advanced Love is a touching look at the often-ignored partnerships of the senior set. Filled with couples who have built their lives together, it’s an indispensable trove of wisdom on love and the lessons they have learned along the way.

With Valentines Day on the horizon, here’s a little look at the lasting love and lives of 3 of the couples from this extraordinary book.

1. Charlotte & Hylan

Charlotte and Hylan met on Valentine’s Day when they were sat next next to each other on a flight and started discussing Iris Murdoch!

‘We started talking thirty-three years ago on that flight, and at eighty-six and eighty years old, that sentence hasn’t come to an end.’ 

2. Gai & Rhonda

These two were set up by Gai’s ex-girlfriend, who was actually with Rhonda’s ex-girlfriend at the time. They’ve been together 45 years.

‘What really makes it work is waking up in the morning and saying, “Who is this person?” Yes, I know so much about her, but in ways, I discover that I don’t know anything about her. It’s fantastic!’

3. Tess & Erika

Tess & Erika met and married when Tess was still called Richard. After a few years, Tess confessed that she wanted to be a woman and underwent sex reassignment surgery. The two separated and remained apart for fifteen years, until they met up one Christmas and realised they were still in love, even though much had changed. They would separate and reunite once more.

‘We all have this fantasy of romantic love, but in reality it takes a lot of effort. Erika and I are interdependent and need one another. We have both been through so much, we both ran from love for so long, but our love heals the hurt and the wounds.’

Advanced Love by Ari Seth Cohen (ABRAMS Books) is out now and available online and in all good bookshops

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